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Damn my mind because my hands say they didn't do it.

27 October 1982
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about this journal
So you've stumbled into my world, eh? Do keep in mind that for the most part this journal is going to be full of my own insane ramblings. If that isn't something you want to be reading, well, then I suggest you go elsewhere. Whatever comes to mind is what you'll find here. That can be anything from chatter about rps, real life or fics that I've wrote.

friending policy
Who do I friend and who don't I friend? Well generally I'll friend everyone. I like friends. But I won't friend you if you don't reply to my friends only post. So if you seriously want to see what I have to say then friend me and comment.

Did I make this lovely user information layout? No, no I didn't. It was made by creative_muse. And my layout? Well it's by gossymer. Pretty, aren't they? If you like either then I seriously think you should check them out.

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